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We Help Measure & Reduce your
Carbon Footprint

so you can stand out to your customers

But, how do you know your business is as sustainable as you say?

Do you know your carbon footprint?

Do your customers know how you measure up to others?

Can you stand out in the greenwashing noise?

Do you know you're not adding to it?

That's where we come in...

Our Services

Enhancing business resilience through a nature-first approach to net zero

Sustainability Road map

How, when and what companies should be doing to go green.

Annual ESG Reporting

Includes an annual ESG Report based on international frameworks such as GRI, SASB, WEF, TCFD and the relevant stock markets.

ESG Simplified

An ideal service for most enterprises- covers an annual ESG Report in addition to quarterly awareness sessions for the employees on sustainability i.e. 4 awareness sessions in a year.

ESG Skills Training

 Putting an ESG team together for your enterprise and getting them ready for the job at hand is crucial. To ensure that this is smooth and your ESG team hits the ground running, we help in up skilling them on their ESG game. 

Sustainability Education

Regular awareness and educational sessions for the employees and staff. The sessions would be taken by experts and be held twice a month i.e. a total of 24 sessions in the year.

E3 (Energy Efficiency Enhancement)

Enabling installation of solar energy and energy efficient lighting systems. Supported by detailed energy analytics and EMI options for setting up solar power. Specialized marketing communication is also included. 

Waste Analytics

 Enabling enterprises to manage their waste more efficiently in collaboration with a reputed waste management company. Also includes monitoring of key data metrics like waste diverted from landfill, waste recycled, carbon emissions prevented along with a monthly session on waste management and segregation for the staff and employees. We also provide specialized marketing communication on waste management efforts by the enterprise.

Sustainability Marketing Communications

Assisting in promotion and communication of sustainability actions done by an enterprise. This is aided by quarterly press release, 2 blogs per month, 4 social media posts per month, specialized website content, internal branding and a monthly email for stakeholders.

WE (Water Efficiency) Program

Enabled Augmented and specialized waste water management through setting up STP/ETP in collaboration with relevant experts. Also includes detailed water footprint analytics and marketing communication related to this initiative.

Carbon Assessment

Intending to check the companies current status and position in terms of sustainability.

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